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110525 Key – UFO Message

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110512 Jonghyun – UFO Reply

Fan: [Jonghyun] oppa… I… from today… I belong to you. ^^
[Jonghyun] forget it.

source: ufo town, sm shinee
credit: linyin

110423 Onew – UFO Replies

110425 Onew – UFO Replies

[FAN] Because noona has been very tired lately.. Do you want to give me some lottery numbers? Maybe 6?
[Onew] If I knew I would go and buy them myself

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110420 Jonghyun – UFO Replies

Fan: Oppa help me go to work. kekekekekekekekeke
JongHyun: kekekekekekekekekekeke sorry.

Fan: Oppa I’m having a headache!
JongHyun: Eat medicine.

Fan: Oppa my eyes hurts!
JongHyun: ㅠㅠ It hurts? Close your eyes~

Fan: Oppa please send me a reply, even if it’s just a dot!
JongHyun: .

Fan: Jonghyunnie Oopa please reply me too!
JongHyun: ㅇㅇ

Fan: Come with me to Kanttappia Planet? (It’s a planet in the cartoon Dooly the Dinosaur)
JongHyun: I don’t want.

Fan: Fine. Since I only received one reply from you, I’ll go dream of Kibum oppa.
JongHyun: ;;; Tsk! The one who replied is me, yet the one whom you’re dreaming of is Kibum ;;;

Fan: Hyung~~ You slept?
JongHyun: Hyung…? You..? You this.. guy? You.. bastard? Bastard? (Note: Bastard in diff way of typing.)

Fan: Slept?
JongHyun: You called me hyung just now and now you’re using informal language to me? -Smacks-

Fan: Oppa what phone are you using? Blackberry?
JongHyun: Using 2 phones.

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110417 Jonghyun – UFO Replies

110408 Jonghyun – UFO Message

[종현] 안녕하세요 종현입니다!! 벌써 날씨가 포근해졌네요~~^^전 따뜻한 날씨 속에서 기타도 배우고 많은것들을 준비중입니다. ^^ 여러분 어찌 지내세요!ㅋ 보고 싶네요. 아 그리고 생일축하해 준거 너무 고마워요^^ 평범히 지나갈 날들이 당신 때문에 특별해졌어요 고마워^^ 어서 만납시다! 다시 웃는 얼굴로^^

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110402 Onew – UFO Replies

2011.04.02 19:27
[FAN]: On April Fool’s Day, received a prank that oppa sent a message, sad… that’s why I will never send UFO’s again. Even the last message,I didn’t receive a reply. Goodbye
[ONEW]: Goodbye~

2011.04.02 19:31
[FAN]: Strawberry flavoured candies still taste the best
[ONEW]: Candies

2011.04.02 19:56
[FAN]: (SHINee) Oppas. Have you ever experienced a pill sticking onto your teeth when you eat medicine? ^^ He…
[ONEW]: Oh.. how did you know..people who have not experienced this will not feels bad…

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110327 Jonghyun – UFO Replies

source: SHAKIZI
Chinese translation: bobohero of weibo
English translation: veyonce/eimanjjong

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110314 Taemin – UFO Reply Message

[TAEMIN] Everyone~ received lots of candies right? i’m jealous. Ke, you can’t eat them if it’s not from us ♥

English Translation: vivz | Soompi