the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

110423 Onew – UFO Replies


[FAN] Do you know you are coming to Seoul Woman’s University? My school is so pretty this time with flowers blossomed!

[ONEW] The flowers fall off next week then (?).. ㅜㅜ

[FAN] Do you know ‘nu-rung-gi? (T/N: 누룽지=crispy rice crust in English)

[ONEW] Nu-rung ‘G’ (누룽’쥐’)

[FAN] Answer me. Bbung-bbung~! (T/N: Bbung bbung is a cute sound)

[ONEW] What’s in your mind (ggung-ggung)? (T/N: Ggung ggung is his own word gag)

[FAN] Do you know why ‘gan-jja-jang’ is more delicious than ‘jja-jang’?

[ONEW] Because we mix the noodle later.

[FAN] Why don’t you dye your hair?

[ONEW] It’s up to me/ it’s my choice ㅜㅜ

[FAN] Let’s hang out~~~^^

[ONEW] With what?

[FAN] Jinki-ya? ㅠㅠ how have you been? ㅠㅠ

[ONEW] I’ve been good~ why do you cry~

[FAN] I miss you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ when are you going to do musical again? I want to see on-actor.

[ONEW] It isn’t something you just see anyone (do)~

[FAN] Wow! It’s my first time getting UFO. Don’t you sleep at this time? ♥

[ONEW] No~ I sleep when I need to sleep, not sleeping when I don’t need to sleep haha? ke

[FAN] Hul………… jinki-ya? wow………………

[ONEW] Wow super?

[FAN] I love you ♥

[ONEW] Thank you

[FAN] Oppa-ya~ what are you doing, not sleeping?

[ONEW] I’m doing UFO, baby~

[FAN] I’ve been on the internet for 10 hours. Please give me a scolding so I can study for my exams. ㅠㅅㅠ

[ONEW] 10 hours? wow, good job~

[FAN] Let’s have yakisoba.

[ONEW] I’m not sleeping I’m not sleeping

(T/N: seems like he replied the wrong UFO XD)

[FAN] Oppa

[ONEW] Yes

[FAN] Do you have any plan on doing musical?

[ONEW] Why so sudden

[FAN] I want to scan you head to toe zz

[ONEW] Jing-jing, wing-wing? (scanning sound)

[FAN] Why don’t you sleep, oppa? I’m studying now for my exam on Monday. Please smack (pang-pang) my butt!! ♡♡

[ONEW] It isn’t just ‘pang-pang’…it would be disappeared.

(T/N: Koreans use ‘gung-di-pang-pang (smacking butt)’ a lot for cheering up someone or treating someone like a cute baby.)

[FAN] Ah….. I’m happy

[ONEW] I’m happy

source: ufo town/shakizi/dub.dothome

eng translation: iamaprila + vivz


[FAN] I’ve heard you like crackers and cookies. Do you like (the snack) ‘home run ball’?
[ONEW] ‘Home run ball’? I can’t pick one. I like too many (snacks)~
(T/N: Home Run Ball is this snack: HERE)

[FAN] Onew-ya, do you like fans coming to music core to cheer for you?
[ONEW] The best~!

source: ufo town/shakizi/dub.dothome | eng translation: iamaprila + vivz


source: shakizi
credit: vivz


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