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111112 OnTae – 2011 KPOP Music Festival in Sydney


110529 OnTae – Ryu Seung Min’s Wedding Fancams

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110529 OnTae – Ryu Seung Min’s Wedding

100828 OnTae – KBS Star Golden Bell (English Subbed)

101225 OnTae – Christmas Star Call

101128 Fancam – OnTae – GS25 Love Concert


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OnTae – Athena: Goddess of War recording

101018 OnTae – Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club Radio

[Official Photo] SHINee Onew and Taemin at Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club Radio 101018


meal pack for Ontae from fans

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101019 OnTae – Music Street Radio

101018 OnTae – SBS Power FM Sweet Sorrow TenTen Club Radio