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SM entertainment files a lawsuit in support of SM The Ballad

SM Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the unfair judgment which deemed S.M The Ballad’s album as ‘inappropriate for youths’.

According to the Seoul Administrative Court, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Gender, Equality, & Family, stating, ”We cannot accept the judgment which was made with imprecise standards.”

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S.M THE BALLAD’s “Miss You” originally was SHINee’s?

Last year, the vocal unit group S.M. The Ballad made their debut with the song “Miss You” backed by SHINee’s Jonghyun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, The TRAX’s Jay, and newcomer Jino. Recently the composer of the song blogged about the song’s history.

He mentioned that when SHINee made their debut back in 2008, the song was recorded by Onew and Jonghyun with a prelude by Minho’s smooth rap. The song, however, did not fit the album image of “Replay”, so it was cut.

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101227 S.M THE BALLAD – Showbiz Extra BTS of “Miss You” MV

credit: uploader | YouTube

101223 SM The Ballad Jonghyun – MBC-FM4U Noh HongChul’s “ChinHaChinGu (Chin Chin Radio)”

101223 S.M THE BALLAD Jonghyun – MBC-FM4U Noh HongCheol’s “Chin Ha Chin Gu”

101223 S.M THE BALLAD – Neighbours Concert Performance

S.M THE BALLAD – “Hot Times” Performance:

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SM THE BALLAD releases iPhone application

S.M. The Ballad is a 4-member group under SM Entertainment with great and powerful vocals, 3 out of 4 members of which are already popular members of Korean Pop bands like Super Junior, SHINee and Trax.

On the 21st Of December, yesterday, S.M. The Ballad’s Miss You Iphone Application was released. With this application, you are able to enjoy high quality songs, images and music videos from SM The Ballad’s newly released mini album ‘Miss You’.

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101222 S.M THE BALLAD Jonghyun – SBS-R Sweet Sorrow’s Ten Ten Club

source: sbs
credit: linyin

101221 Jonghyun – Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Twitter Update

101219 SM The Ballad Jonghyun – SBS Inkigayo Recording


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credit: Mrs.Minho