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111112 SHINee – 2011 KPOP Music Festival ending


JongKey – Stalking Photo

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110416 JongKey – Stalking Photo at C.O.E.X

110410 Key – Me2day Update

Original Message:

[Key] 생일축하기념!!! 팬여러분과의 생일파티도 재밌었습니다! (내가 준 썬크림으로 피부미남 되세요.)

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101212 JongKey – SBS Inkigayo 600th Episode Special Recording

SHINee on Japan Big Screen!

SHINee on Japan Big Screen!


History’07~’09」が 11 /13( 土)から全国の
映画館で上映されるそうです。 (よ) – KPOP Dream Concert History 2007
~2009 is going to be screened on November 13 ,
2010 ( Saturday) in Cinema’s Nationwide. * * * 今 年のド

リコンも来年1月から上映されるとか。東方神起/Super Junior/少女時代/SHINee/
Wonder  Girls/KARA/2 NE1 /2 AM/4 Minute/T-
ara&超新星な どな ど、スクリーンで観られるのですね~。これは楽しみ!観に行 きます♪ (よ) – This Year’s
Dream Concert ( Dream Concert 2010) is going to
be screened, Next Year (January).

Tohoshinki /
Super Junior / Shojyo Jidai / SHINee / Wonder Girls
/ KARA/ 2 ne1 / 2 AM / 4 minute / T-ara / Cho
Shinsei etc…We can watch this on the screen~.
This is gonna be fun!

Tower_KPOP’s twitter ( Tower record Japan’s
Twitter) |Trans: winkme @ soompi shinee thread
official site with trailer video: http://

JongKey moment and some SM hyung in Incheon airport


JongKey couple T-Shirt garners attention!

As all of us know, the SM Town Live Concert In LA would be held in 4 September.
This afternoon, All the SM artistes board the train to LA, getting ready 2 days before the concert.
They were spotted in the Incheon Airport, on their way to board the plane.

SHINee members took a photo together at the airport.

What’s surprising is that there are a lot of comments coming from the fans, if you look closely, Jonghyun and Key were wearing the same shirt.
Netizens were saying “Jongkey couple shirt”, “Look at Jonghyun & Key!”, “Jongkey is real!”, “I’m so jealous of how close they are”.

So what do you think? Is it just a coincidence? Or was they really that close, buying shirts together?



woot. LOL! xp

100807 JongKey – Star Golden Bell (English Subbed)

100807 JongKey – Star Golden Bell Broadcast

SHINee (Jonghyun, Key), After School (Raina, Nana), Ze:A (Kwanghee, Heechul), Chae Yeon, Shindong (Super Junior), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Jeon Won Joo, Kim Hyo Jin, Moon Hyun Shik

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