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OnHyun – Random Daily Photo

apologize for the unknown title. T_T

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100809 OnHyun – Star King Recording

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100809 Fancam – OnHyun – MBC Wonder Woman Recording

source as tagged on the video + findsource shakizi
re-upload eijisatoshi
shared by weareshining (WRS

Onew & Jonghyun are the lyricists for SHINee’s 2nd Album: Lucifer

100611 Onew Me2Day Update

Original message:
방금 녹음 끝!! 이건 종현이가 들어가서 녹음하고 있는 녹음실~ 저는 오늘도 열심히 녹음하고 <야행성> 녹화 하러 갑니다~^^

In English:
Just now finished recording!! JongHyun is in the studio to do his recording~ I also recorded hard today. Going to video tape~^^

source: SHINee’s Me2Day
credits: AA-CHAN

100519 – 100523 OnHyun UFO Replies

2010.05.23 23:15
Fan: [Jonghyun] Where did my romantic boyfriend go?
[Jonghyun] Romantic boyfriend? Ke revived

2010.05.23 23:17
Fan: [Jonghyun] Woo la la la la
[Jonghyun] ke cute

2010.05.23 23:18
Fan: [Jonghyun] ke cute… love you
[Jonghyun] I love you too

2010.05.23 22:07
Fan: [Jonghyun] Saw SHINee World during Dream Concert!?!?!?! TTㅅTT
[Jonghyun] Of course! Saw the banners too

2010.05.23 22:18
Fan: [Jonghyun] Is oppa sleeping at the moment?? Hey play with me
[Jonghyun] Not sleeping ah

2010.05.23 22:18
Fan: [Jonghyun] ke…ke…what does oppa think about revealing your shoulders? keke
[Jonghyun] Dislike it a bit

2010.05.23 22:21
Fan: [Jonghyun] We hung around 19 banners!!!ㅎㅅㅎ
[Jonghyun] Ah really~? Ah ah ah

2010.05.23 22:21
Fan: [Jonghyun] SHINee World was really good yesterday right Jjong? Kekeke SHINee World is real!!!!!
[Jonghyun] Our balloons are the best

2010.05.23 22:22
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ah oppa typed something wrong!!
[Jonghyun] Where?

2010.05.23 22:24
Fan: [Jonghyun] I nearly got squashed to death on the subway yesterday. Even the last train stopped?! Need to know that I nearly died T_T
[Jonghyun] TT TT TT Be careful. Being squashed with people is very dangerous

2010.05.23 22:25
Fan: [Jonghyun] Dislike the clothes you wore yesterday? TT_TT
[Jonghyun] Mm (yes)

2010.05.23 23:09
Fan: [Jonghyun] Hungry at the moment. Need to eat something say so
[Jonghyun] Need to eat

2010.05.23 23:10
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jonghyun-ah I saw Yoogeun…
[Jonghyun] I saw him too

2010.05.23 23:14
Fan: [Jonghyun] Really? Kekeke Yoogeun is so cute…still love him a lot
[Jonghyun] Mm really a lot.

2010.05.21 23:43
Fan: [Jonghyun] Miss you TT and byulroo keke appear in front of me
[Jonghyun] Want to see Jinki hyung ah

2010.05.20 15:58
Fan: [ONEW] If oppa is still here I want to see oppa’s musical~? Fighting today!!
[ONEW] Ah ha good weather, mood has gone good too~

2010.05.20 16:07
Fan: [ONEW] Today it was quite hot wasn’t it TT TT ? But because of oppa I was happy so I would also like this kind of weather!!
[ONEW] Good~!* Good mind
*T/N: He replied in English

2010.05.20 16:09
Fan: [ONEW] Oppa is also happy because of the weather right~ Ha
[ONEW] Yep~*
*T/N: He replied in English

2010.05.20 16:14
Fan: [ONEW] Jinki-ah .. will keep saying the same thing… please give me a reply… one word is fine TT_TT Jinki has a lot of sense~!

2010.05.20 16:17
Fan: [ONEW] Aigoo, Onew oppa is copying and pasting words now. Don’t like. Aigoo aigoo
[ONEW] Aigoo why?

2010.05.20 16:17
Fan: [ONEW] Yesterday storm love! Miss you TT
[ONEW] Ahahah hahahahahaha

2010.05.20 16:17
Fan: [ONEW] Jinki-ah that was really… ah …reply… still has a lot of sense keke Today’s musical fighting!
[ONEW] Fighting~

2010.05.20 16:20
Fan: [ONEW] Listen to me oppa?
[ONEW] Say.

2010.05.20 16:22
Fan: [ONEW] Jinki ah, I will come see you on the 25th… I really want to see you quicker~ yeah~?
[ONEW] Come quickly

2010.05.20 16:22
Fan: [ONEW] Soccer is so tiring TT right oppa?
[ONEW] Playing football is a very happy thing

2010.05.20 16:24
Fan: [ONEW] Jinki, that me2(day) was really Jinki right? Keke what was the selca you uploaded at the park!?
[ONEW] It’s me~ Asked someone to help me upload

2010.05.20 16:25
Fan: [ONEW] Can you let me marry Taemin?? I will take very good care of him~ What do you think~? Allow~??

2010.05.20 19:45
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa I’m 3 years old kekeke what? Is same age as Taemin keke
[Jonghyun] Just like that

2010.05.19 14:00
Fan: [ONEW] Jinki ah I got married with Jonghyun OO Please congratulate dream hehe and live well with Jonghyun ^^
[Jonghyun] gg rmformfo (ah ah yes yes)

Credit: UFO Town
Chinese Translation: bobohero@闪耀星球
English Translation: vivz@soompi

100522 OnHyun at Dream Concert.

with Super Junior’s Heechul:

source: 요시누나
credits: winkme

source: onlyys5 | found/credit: winkme

SHINee OnHyun – UFO Replies

Onew’s UFO Reply

? For those women who go on a diet to lose some fat, honestly, boys like girls who have average bodies and aren?t VERY skinny. Did you know that? If I see someone really skinny, I get anxious and want to feed her!

Is it because I like food a lot? But I would rather like someone who enjoys food a lot than a person who doesn?t eat much. Eat three constant meals a day and exercise a lot to make a healthy body, which is best to see. Okay? So from now on, be healthy! Promise! ?

May 23rd Jjong’s UFO Replies

2010.05.23 22:06
Fan: [Jonghyun] I saw you yesterday but I want to see you again ㅜ You have to take responsibility over me ♪*
Jonghyun: ㅎㅎ Sure~
* Jonghyun’s line in RDD
Credit: 진기가좋아 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:07
Fan: [Jonghyun] From your head to your feet you?re lovable ♥
Jonghyun: ㅋㅋ That?s right
Credit: 순두유 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:16
Fan: [Jonghyun] Of course!! To me everything about oppa is lovable!! Talk and play with me ♥ Tomorrow is a sad Monday ㅠ Save me
Jonghyun: ㅠㅠ tear ㅋ
Credit: 순두유 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:19
Fan: [Jonghyun] Play with me ♥♥♥♥ Real Jonghyun oppa ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Jonghyun: Real ㅋㅋ This is funny
Credit: 순두유 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:15
Fan: [Jonghyun] Mathematics homework is difficult ㅠ Solve the questions for me ㅎㅅㅎ
Jonghyun: What is mathematics, is it something you eat?
Credit: 두부쫑 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:20
Fan: [OnewJonghyunKibumMinhoTaemin] Honeys you worked hard for Dream Concert, do some UFO~
Jonghyun: Right now sending UFO to you honey
Credit: 신소은 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:22
Fan: [OnewJonghyunkeyMinhoTaemin] What are you doing right now~? Right now I?m watching GagCon ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Jonghyun: GagCon!?!?
Credit: 미노데이 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 23:07
Fan: [Jonghyun] My honey Kim Jonghyun is missing ㅜ Find him for me?♥ㅜ
Jonghyun: I?m right here ㅎ
Credit: 온두부뿡 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 23:13
Fan: [JonghyunOnewTaeminMinhoKey] Is it fun popping out from the stage?
Jonghyun: More or less ㅎ

SHINee Onew and Jonghyun – Sponsor Photos

source: baidu shinee bar
reupload: ♀M☼nica♪

100427 OnHyun – Interview Recording

source: 성민님 하고 지영누나
reupload: eijisatoshi @
credit: WeaReShining (WRS) and SFI