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110528 Jong2Min – KBS Dream Concert Backstage


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101121 Fancam – JongTae – Incheon Airport


credit: veyonce77 at YouTube

Jjong looks so hyper. lol.
so good to see him like that.

101005 JongTae – KBS2 Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio (Sukira: Special DJ)

101005 JongTae – KBS Cool FM Sukira

with Brown Eyed Soul’s Jungyeop and Wheesung.

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Jonghyun & Taemin on KBS Kiss The Radio

This Week 04th Oct – 10th Oct

Kiss The Radio BORA:
04(Mon), Special DJ: (SHINee) Key & Minho
Guest: (Rainbow) Seung A, No Eul, (JQT) Min Jung, Ji Eun (NOT STREAMING)
05(Tue), Special DJ: (SHINee) Jonghyun & Taemin
Guest: Jeongyeop, Wheesung (MIGHT BE STREAMING)
06(Wed, Special DJ: Hong Soo-ah
Guest: (Infinite) Sung Gyu, Woo Hyun, (Jewelry) Eun Jung, Joo Yeon, Navi (MIGHT BE STREAMING)
07(Thu), Special DJ: Tim
Guest: Nam Chang Hee, Beige, (Trax) Jungmo, Rottyful Sky (MIGHT BE STREAMING)
08(Fri), Special DJ: (F(X)) Luna & Sulli
Guest: Lim Jeong Hee, San E (MIGHT BE STREAMING)

Kiss The Radio NO BORA:
09(Sat), Special DJ: Lee Ji Hyung
Guest: One More Chance (NOT STREAMING)
10(Sun), Special DJ: (FT Island) Hongki & Jaejin

P.S – Eunteuk went on holiday that’s why got special DJ. 😀



screen cap of Jonghyun and Taemin.. ah aegyo ^^