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MBC will air “2011 KPOP Festival in Sydney” on 3rd Dec

MBC will air 2011 Kpop Festival in Sydney on December 3rd
Top K-Pop groups, including Girls’ Generation, Miss A, TVXQ, KARA, SHINee, 4 Minute, 2AM, CN Blue, B2ST, Secret, MBLAQ, and Sistar attended the 2011 K-Pop Music Festival in Sydney.The festival, which was held on November 12, is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Australia, also known as the “Year of Korea in Australia.”

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SHINee – Japanese Magazine ORISUTA(Oricon Style)Interview (English Translation)

credit: TONGHYUN

– You debuted in 2008 in Korea and will start your activities in Japan. Shall we talk about the birth of SHINee as a group?

Minho: We passed an audition or were headhunted, and then practiced as SHINee for about a year before debuting in Korea.

Key: We have had our activities with this concept of contemporary band since we debuted in Korea. It means we pursue the newest trends in everything from music and dance to fashion. This part won’t change in Japan.

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110531 Minho – Baek MinHyun’s Twitter Update

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Key – Daily Photo

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110506 OnTae – mentioned in DJ DOC Changryeol’s Twitter Update

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Fan: I want to marry Onew~^.^
Changryeol: No Onew is mine kekeke

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110506 MinKey – Suecomma bonnie designer Bonnie Blog Update