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BruneiShawols’ new updating system

Welcome to BruneiShawols. BruneiShawols has now been over 1 year since the first time our Twitter account is opened.

We bring you unfortunate news on the future of BruneiShawols. I, the owner Zee, have discussed this with most of the other staffs of BruneiShawols that I can reach. We all thought it through and decided, instead of shutting down BruneiShawols throughly, we come to a decision that we will not be giving full updates on SHINee anymore. We apologize for this unfortunate matter.

We will still be updating on news, photos, videos, schedule etc that we feel important. Especially on official updates through Me2Day and Official Facebook. And BruneiShawols will still be giving out download links as usual as one of our specialities – I think. As well as projects, it will still go on as part of BruneiShawols’ activity.

We understand that we have failed to meet our goal as the number one stop for SHINee Worlds in Brunei. Because staffs are mostly students and we could not cope with this anymore. But dont worry, we still have goals to try our very best to bring SHINee to Brunei.

But dont worry, we will still be updating alot through our facebook. Please go to our facebook page and click ‘like’ to catch new updates!

This will take effect from 12th August onwards.

We hope you understand our condition and we hope you can cope with our new system of updating and keep on supporting BruneiShawols. Thank you.


BruneiShawols on Hiatus!

Hello BruneiShawols readers and viewers!

First, we would like to deeply apologize for not coming back and updating on SHINee during our “Semi-hiatus” period. As you know, BruneiShawols’ staffs consists of mostly students – and we are lacking of active staffs at the moment – some of us are going to be sitting for a big exam this year, O’ Level. So, in order to concentrate on our studies for the time being, we are unable to update this blog and thus decided to go on hiatus for quite a while. We will be going on hiatus until maybe around mid-November.

However, BruneiShawols might still be updating our facebook page as our staff, Nicky, is quite active in updating! Add us on facebook and get updates there!

We would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you so much for supporting BruneiShawols all this way and expecting a great update. Unfortunately, all of those have to be put on hold for now.

As for birthday projects for upcoming birthdays of Taemin, Key, Onew and Minho will all be pushed back to December in one go with Onew and Minho’s birthday. We will be organizing a project for all 4 members at once soon in December! Take note of that!

Once again, we would like to apologize for our lack of updates and any inconvenience caused.

Sincerely, BruneiShawols Staffs.

BruneiShawols on Semi-Hiatus!

Hello SHINee Worlds, readers and viewers of BruneiShawols. Thank you so much for visiting our blog for SHINee updates.

First of all, Happy holidays to SHINee World Brunei and also everyone who are currently having their holiday.

Secondly and unfortunately, BruneiShawols will be going on semi-hiatus again – this happens almost every holidays – because due to the lack of active staffs (Please keep in mind that most of the staffs are students and we also have something going on all-year-round and we also need and have a holiday). We apologize for any inconvenience caused on this matter.

Although we might sometime not update, we will try our best be updating once in a while during this period of time until further notice. Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you.

P.S: Dont forget to read the steps and help us bring SHINee to Brunei! Thank you.

SHINee’s Schedule wrap-up for May

BruneiShawols’ 2 New Sections, opened!

As said before, BruneiShawols will be opening 2 new sections that are, maybe and hopefully, useful to SHINee Worlds as well as K-Pop fans in Brunei.

Both sections are put under “About” on our navigations at the top.
The sections are:

SHINee World Brunei

This section is all about SHINee Worlds in Brunei. If you want to find friends that is also a SHINee World like you in Brunei and you want other Brunei Shawols to find you, then click here and read away!

K-Buy & Sell.

This section is opened to all K-Pop fans in Brunei who wish to sell their items that they want and also to the people who are searching for a certain item as well. Check it out here.

Thank you,
BruneiShawols Team.

SHINee World Brunei, let’s try to bring SHINee to Brunei!

Do you want to meet SHINee in Brunei? Lets do it together and try to bring SHINee or any other K-POP bands to either Brunei or somewhere closer to Brunei (ie. Miri)

A friend which is also a fan of SHINee, Stella, has recently found out about BruneiShawols and decided to help and try to bring SHINee to the land of Borneo. (Thank you Stella!)

Do you want SHINee (or any other K-Pop bands to perform in Brunei or Miri)? Check under the cuts out below for the simple steps to do.

Read more of this post

SHINee coming to Malaysia, any Bruneian Shawols interested to attend?

Date: Around September 2011 (Not confirmed)
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This is just a survey to see how many of you will, no matter where, when and how much go for SHINee event this year, if any. Click attend if you really confirmed going for the event.

We would be happy to see at least 2,000 attendance in this event page ^^ Please click on the event page and decide whether you can attend or no. Also, leave a message saying you are from Brunei!

All the best Shawols !!!!

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Do follow the following twitter accounts for updates:


NOTE: This is still NOT CONFIRMED, after the survey is done. we will have to wait for SM Entertainment’s final decision. Spread the word!

Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun!

Happy birthday to our dearest Kim Jonghyun who turned 22 in Korean Age and 21 Internationally.
Let us all pray for his recovery and his happy life with SHINee members, family, relatives and loved ones.

We love you Jonghyun, SHINee Worlds love you!
Don’t forget to join on trending #s2jjong and #blingblingday on Twitter in celebration of Jonghyun’s birthday! Join in the fun!


Love, the BruneiShawols team.
SHINee World Brunei.

[IMPORTANT] Bruneian SHINee Worlds, please refrain from promoting BruneiShawols illegally

We’ve just received a message today (30th March) saying that students have been writing our site name on school properties. We strongly hope that the person who did that will erase our site name wherever he/she wrote it. We thank you so much for spreading the words about BruneiShawols, but we don’t want you to do it in a illegal way.

BruneiShawols is a fansite for Bruneian SHINee Worlds to unite and spread our love for SHINee, we do not mean no harm and we have no intention in doing any criminal. And we need your help in doing so. Please don’t ever write anything BruneiShawols related sites/name anywhere in public government properties and also school properties.

BruneiShawols will keep providing with the best updates of SHINee we have. So, to keep that running smoothly and keep BruneiShawols alive, we need all your help and co-operation and refrain from doing vandalism.

Thank you so much for taking time in reading this and your co-operation.

BruneiShawols team.

BruneiShawols on Semi-Hiatus

Hello our dear readers!

First of all, I want to wish our fellow Bruneian Shawols a very happy holiday. Enjoy your time this holiday and get alot of rest!

Second, unfortunately, BruneiShawols’ blog will be going on Semi-Hiatus again this month. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Because BruneiShawols do not have a lot of very active staffs due to school and such, BruneiShawols being on Semi-Hiatus might happen alot. So, if you want help promote about BruneiShawols and show that there are SHINee fans in Brunei, do give us a hand and apply to be our staff! We are especially in need of Blog authors!

Although we might sometime not update,  we will try our best be updating once in a while during this period of time until the 29th of March, and then we will be updating as usual. Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you.


P.S: Keep sending in your messages for Jonghyun’s birthday project here! We will try our hardest to keep it running to record them throughout our semi-hiatus. Thank you.