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110102 Yoogeun – On The Way to SHINee’s “The 1st SHINee World Concert” in Seoul Fancam

source: as tagged
credit: 8yinzi | YouTube

surry, i know this is quite old but why not right? heheh. ^^;;


SHINee – Parody of f(x)’s “Pinocchio” Album Teaser Photos

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Jung Yoogeun – at SHINee’s Concert


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SHINee – Lucifer + BONAMANA (Super Junior) Mash-Up

(P.S: this is filed under “Others“, which basically means i just want to share with you guys ^^)

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101226 Fanaccount on SHINee’s 1st Concert in Japan

Go under the cut

to read the fanaccount!

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101225 SHINee World – Jae Won’s Twitter Update

SHINee ‘Heartbeat’ Icons #2



source & credit: as tagged, nanataemin | Tumblr

sorry if i get the title wrong. :S

Jung Yoogeun Random Photos #5

101031 Fan Account – Taemin’s performance at the Inkigayo Special Stage Recording

They rehearsed once and performed 5 or 6 times for the recording.I’m thankful to Inkigayo that I was able to watch Taemin so long.

At the start, the coffins were all opened up, so the performers could get in.When Taemin pulled the handle under the coffin top, it was broken off.

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101025 Jung Yoogeun celebrating his birthday

credit: fidottt @ YouTube

this is late. but yeah.
OMG. he grows so well.
his hair reminds me of Minho so much during the RDD days. LOL.
so handsome and he’s so smart.
but LMAO at him pushing his noona when she tries to kiss him. ;p
happy belated birthday SHINee boy! ;D ❤