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110603 Jonghyun – “So Goodbye” (City Hunter) OST Audio

credit: PP2pinkyTOP85 | YouTube


110514 SHINee – “Hello (Japanese Version)” Audio

{UPDATED} with a better quality!

credit: themayitoab | YouTube, @mayitoab

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110503 Minho – Korean Women’s Ministry Youth Ambassadors CM Audio

credit: TVXQSuJuSHINee | YouTube

110408 SHINee – “Replay” Japanese Version Audio

{UPDATED} with HQ Audio and Download Link.

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110420 SHINee – featured in f(x)’s “Pinocchio” Album – 10. Lollipop Audio

credit: PP2pinkyTOP85 | YouTube

110404-08 Onew – Celebrity DC at Sukira Audio

110408 Jonghyun – Jonghyun’s Birthday Party Audio

Jonghyun – singing ” I Believe I Can Fly ” at 9th Grade School Festival (Predebut) Audio

credit: PP2pinkyTOP85 | YouTube

wow, such an angelic voice even from the start ❤

SHINee (OnHo) – Maypole CM 4 Versions Song

with Download Link.

credit: jujugal

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101229 OnKey – SNSD’s The 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into The New World’ Album Audio

SNSD Jessica (featuring Onew) – One Year Later
SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into The New World’ Album – CD1

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