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110102 Yoogeun – On The Way to SHINee’s “The 1st SHINee World Concert” in Seoul Fancam

source: as tagged
credit: 8yinzi | YouTube

surry, i know this is quite old but why not right? heheh. ^^;;


Jung Yoogeun – at SHINee’s Concert


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Jung Yoogeun Random Photos #5

101025 Jung Yoogeun celebrating his birthday

credit: fidottt @ YouTube

this is late. but yeah.
OMG. he grows so well.
his hair reminds me of Minho so much during the RDD days. LOL.
so handsome and he’s so smart.
but LMAO at him pushing his noona when she tries to kiss him. ;p
happy belated birthday SHINee boy! ;D ❤

101001 Yoogeun – dancing and singing to “Hello”

credit: uploader

his new hair looks like Onew’s. ;p
lol. hahaha. but cute. ;3

100914 SHINee – MBC-TV Mid-Autumn Festival Special

Jung Yoogeun at “아이챌린지” Model Contest – dancing to SHINee’s Lucifer

credit: uploader

this is old. but yeah.
SHINee appas must be proud. ;p

Yoogeun dancing and singing to SHINee’s Lucifer

Jung Yoogeun Random Photos #4

Yoogeun dancing to SHINee’s Lucifer

source: Cyworld | credit: Jung Yoogeun International Fanpage + smexyromance @ YouTube

awwwwwww. ;’D
i wonder how SHINee will react when they see this. ;p
Yoogeun grew up so well. 😀