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111112 SHINee – SBS Pop Asia Exclusive 2011 KPOP Festival in Sydney Interview

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SHINee’s Exclusive interview with SBS PopAsia during “2011 KPOP Festival in Sydney” Press Conference 111112


111112 SHINee – (TVBS News) SM Entertainment Artist

111112 SHINee – 2011 KPOP Music Festival ending

111111 SHINee – Arrival at Sydney Airport

along with TVXQ,B2ST,MBLAQ, and 4minute

111113 2Min – Incheon Airport

111112 2Min – Special Dance Stage with SNSD (2011 KPOP Music Festival in Sydney)

111112 OnTae – 2011 KPOP Music Festival in Sydney

111102 Jonghyun – Ultimate Look-alike

111031 SHINee – Japan HeyHeyHey Music Champ

110607 SHINee – the opening of SMTOWN on Facebook Interview

source: sment | YouTube

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