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News about Hanakimi Roles from SM Entertainment

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When news that SMent is going to film “Hana Kimi” started spreading, netizens have been making up their own dream-cast lists. Recently, SM officials have already released part of the cast list on their official site. The current list had SHINee’s Minho as popular high-jump athlete, Izumi Sano, SNSD’s Yoona as the female lead Mizuki Ashiya, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul would act Shuichi Nakatsu as who fell for Mizuki Ashiya, causing him to be confused of his own sexuality. Leeteuk would be acting as a flirtatious senior . The current list might still under go changes

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Rumor Alert! Is SHINee Working On A Korean Album?

With many artists who were to perform or debut in Japan switching to Korean comebacks in light of the disasters there, SHINee maybe one of the many to follow suit.

The March 29th episode of ‘Love Pursuer’ had member Key giving a message to his grandmother, where he revealed that they were working on a new album. With their Japanese debut postponed, the album could likely be their Korean comeback album. You can view the clip of him saying this below.

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Rumored Song List For SM Town Tokyo 2011

1 Shine – J-Min
2 Can I Cry – J-Min
3 All Out Of Love – J-Min & Jino
6 LA chA TA – F(x)
8 Tic Tok – Krystal & Jessica
9 Chu – F(x) & Minho
10 Surprise Party – F(x)
12 I Will – Zhang Li Yin
14 Moving On – Zhang Li Yin
15 An Amorous Love – Zhang Li Yin & Jonghyun
17 Replay – Shinee
18 Juliette – Shinee
19 Stand By Me- Shinee

21 Lucifer(Japanese version) – Shinee
22 Don`t Forget To Remember(Japanese version) Shinee–their Japanese debut song

23 Let You Go – Trax
25 Oh! My Goddess – Trax
26 VIDEO#2
27 Slowmotion – Luna & Teamin
28 Running – Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny
29 A-Yo – Eunhyuk, Key, Minho, Shindong
30 Piece Of My Dream – Onew , Kyuhyun
31 Possibility – BoA, Ryewook
33 THE WHOLE Nella Fantasia
35 Gee(Japanese version) – Girls Generation
36 Genie(Japanese version) – Girls Generation
38 Kissing You – Girls Generation
39 My Child – Girls Generation
40 Etude – Girls Generation
42 Oh(Japanese version) – Girls Generation
43 VIDEO#3
44 Miracle – Super Junior
44 No Other – Super Junior
46 U(Japanese version) – Super Junior
47 Sorry Sorry(Japanese version) – Super Junior
48 VIDEO#4
49 Eat you up – BoA
50 Energetic – BoA
51 I did it for love – BoA, Key
53 Bump Bump – BoA
54 Eien – BoA
55 I See Me – BoA
56 10 Anniversary CF
58 JOURNEY – Changmin, Seohyun
59 Miss You – SM THE BALLAD
60 Hot Times – SM THE BALLAD

61 Sorry – F(x)
62 Hoot – Girls Generation
63 Ring Ding Dong – Shinee
64 Nu ABO – F(x)
65 Bonamana – Super Junior
66 One night – Trax
67 Paradox(Japanese version) – Trax, Kim Heechul
68 Don’t Don – Changmin & Super Junior
70 How Can I – TVXQ
71 Confession – TVXQ/MR
72 Why? (Keep Your Head Down) – TVXQ
74 Maximum – TVXQ
75 TVXQ MEDLEY(Japanese version) – Onew, Jonghyun, TVXQ
76 Hurricane Venus – BoA
79 Hot Mail
80 Hope

credit: ambibliophile199? | SFI

SHINee’s SHINee World concert to be in Singapore?

A Singapore Newspaper stated that Running Into The Sun(the organizer for Super Show 3) is in ‘final stage of negotiations’ with SM on the matter.
You can read the article on the picture above
(the small article next to the shinee picture. It’s in chinese, but basically, it is stating that the possibility of shinee world coming to Singapore and Running Into The Sun is negotiating with SM)
So, they may be coming in May/June 2011?
Nothing is confirmed yet.

Rumor Alert! An SM Town Winter Album 2010 May Be In The Works

While the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, a screenshot of the tracklist for the SM Town Winter 2010 appeared today.

The album will apparently be titled This Winter and will be available on December 25th for Christmas.

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SM Town coming to Singapore?

This is probably the sentence that got people all hyped up for the past an hour or so. Singapore’s U-Weekly magazine published an article that garnered much attention from fans of SM Town artists (SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), BoA, Trax, SHINee,etc). Here it is:

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SHINee Comeback in July?

It is been confirmed by SM Entertainment that SHINee will be making a comeback with a brand new album this July. There has been also rumours surfaced online regarding their 2nd album tracklist. The album is said to be a full-length album entitled ‘Holiday’. Here is the rumoured album tracklist:

01 항상 (Always)
02 Holiday
03 친구 (Friends)
04 지금의 우리보다 더 좋았던 그 날 (Remorse)
05 관계자외 출입금지 (Inhibition)
06 For You (Dear. Fan)
07 반쪽 (Half)
08 너의 이름 (Your Name)
09 두번째 이야기 (The Second Story) (In my room-後)
10 About Love (with SHINee World)
11 너를 지우다 (Hate You) (Duet. ONEW-KEY)
12 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On) (Ballad ver.)

The album title track is most probably to be ‘Holiday’. But these are just rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet. Let’s hope the full statement from SM Entertainment will be released soon!

Their music video teaser is set to be released this 6th July. Their album title track is set to be released online on 8th July and the full music video will be released on the day after (9th July). SHINee will be making their first comeback stage through Music Core next week and the full-length album is set to be released on 12th July.

Credits: Anyeong Chingu
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Rumored tracklist of SHINee’s upcoming album

Track List (SHINee’s Album)
1. ”Always”
2. ”Holiday”
3. ”Friend”
4. ”Remorse”
5. ”Inhibition”
6. ”For you” – Dear fan
7. ”Half”
8. ”Your name”
9. ”The second story” – In my room
10. ”About Love” – with Shinee world
11. ”Hate you” – Duet Onew and Key
12. ”Love should go on” – Ballad version

SHINee upcoming album spoiler

this is only a rumor/spoiler, nothing is confirmed yet by SME.
but on the other hand, this was supposed to be a screencap of Rino’s* email. but no one knows the reliablity.

*Rino is SME’s choreographer who previously choreographed SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong.

source: dc shinee | credit: lala_land

SHINee’s work schedule for the new album and tentative release date

“[Rumor] SHINee’s work schedule for the new album and tentative release date.

6/23~25 자켓촬영 및 뮤비촬영 (예정)
7/6 티져 공개 (예정)
저작권협회 등록 (예정)
7/8 음원 공개 (예정)
7/9 뮤직비디오 공개 (예정)
뮤 직뱅크 첫방송(미정)
7/10 쇼음악중심 첫방송(미정)
7/12 앨범 발매 (예정)

6/23-25 album jacket shooting and MV filming(scheduled)
7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)
7/8 Song release (scheduled)
7/9 Music video release (scheduled)
Music Bank Comeback (Tentative)
7/10 Music Core Comeback (Tentative)

7/12 Album Release (scheduled) ”

source: keyboard
credit: winkme@soompi
translation credit: shiningshineeworld