the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

K-Buy & Sell

Looking for K-Pop items to add to your collection? Well check them out here:

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Have a K-Pop item that you want to sell? Well, advertise them here!

Fill out the form below:

Name of item:
Name of artist/group of the item:

How to pick them up:
Contact information:
For any inquiries, who to contact?:
Any extra information:

Photo(s) of the item may be added to give a clearer image of the item.

Email your form with “[SWB K-Buy and Sell]” as the subject to

Thank you and happy shopping!

NOTE: *We, BruneiShawols, are not the ones who are selling the items, we are just promoting for you.
**Only K-Pop items are allowed, any artist/bands of K-Pop are accepted.

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