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BruneiShawols’ new updating system

Welcome to BruneiShawols. BruneiShawols has now been over 1 year since the first time our Twitter account is opened.

We bring you unfortunate news on the future of BruneiShawols. I, the owner Zee, have discussed this with most of the other staffs of BruneiShawols that I can reach. We all thought it through and decided, instead of shutting down BruneiShawols throughly, we come to a decision that we will not be giving full updates on SHINee anymore. We apologize for this unfortunate matter.

We will still be updating on news, photos, videos, schedule etc that we feel important. Especially on official updates through Me2Day and Official Facebook. And BruneiShawols will still be giving out download links as usual as one of our specialities – I think. As well as projects, it will still go on as part of BruneiShawols’ activity.

We understand that we have failed to meet our goal as the number one stop for SHINee Worlds in Brunei. Because staffs are mostly students and we could not cope with this anymore. But dont worry, we still have goals to try our very best to bring SHINee to Brunei.

But dont worry, we will still be updating alot through our facebook. Please go to our facebook page and click ‘like’ to catch new updates!

This will take effect from 12th August onwards.

We hope you understand our condition and we hope you can cope with our new system of updating and keep on supporting BruneiShawols. Thank you.


SHINee Is Like a Rainbow – on Hanako Magazine Interview (English Translation)

Their long-awaited Japanese debut is set!

credit: DC Gallery

Their rainbow-like distinct personalities color the atmosphere.

We love shining SHINee.

Korean contemporary band SHINee’s Japanese debut has been set! The group of five members always surprises us with new and cool music and dance. We will report on their frank and individual talks and the charm of their debut single.

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SHINee on TV Pia Magazine Interview (English Translation)


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110610 Noonas’ Heart Fluttering at Taemin’s Mature Look

SHINee Taemin’s growth blast attracted netizens’ attention.

Someone made a post titled “SHINee Taemin’s growth blast” with related photos on an online community board.

The photo shows Taemin’s growth from his debut days until now. Taemin, born in 1993, is 19 years old. He debuted when he was only 16 in 2008.

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Official Daum Fancafe Rankings for June

Daum Fancafe Rankings (June 2011) – As of June 10,2011

1. DBSK 742,064
2. Bigbang 346,300
3. snsd 298,404
4. SS501 272,103
5. 2pm 236,967
6. Super Junior 220,305
7. BEAST197,801
8. SHINHWA 176,910
9. SHINee 124,884
10.FT-Island 98,862
11.Wonder Girls 98,707
12. 2ne1 96,388
13. MBLAQ 82,063
14. FX 65,497
15. 2AM57,895
16. kara 55,511
17.Brown Eyed Girls 43,122
18. CSJH The Grace 41,144
19. Seeya 38,246
19. CNBLUE 37, 231
20. 4minute: 31,114
21. ZE:A 26,013
22. Miss A 25, 547
23. Teen top 25, 480
24.After school 19,958
25. Infinite 19, 457
26. Co-ed school 15,665 ttp://
27. Secret 13,034
28. Super Nova 12,660
29. 4men 10, 809
30. Rainbow 7,595
31. B1A4 7,433
32. Block B 4,900
33. 8eight 4,489
34.Sistar 3,875
35. U-kiss 3,495
36. Nine Muses 2,712
37. Dal Shabet 2,545
38. Girls Day 1,184

Credit: dkpopnews || SHINee Forums

110611 “Immortal Song 2” criticized for its harsh elimination standards

The first episode of KBS’s newest idol variety show, “Immortal Song 2,” aired on June 4th. However, many of the original idols that were cast such as Yesung, Jonghyun, IU and more recently, Yoseob, have already left the show. Additionally, the show’s elimination criteria have come under fire for being too harsh.

Recently, the elimination of the contestants has been reviewed to due its brutality. The format of the show is interesting enough already.

There are six contestants that participate on each episode. However, the first idol performs and their score is compared to the second contestant. The idol with the lowest score within the first two contestants is then eliminated.

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SHINee Voted Most Favorite Group at KPOP.FR Poll

According to a recent poll conducted on the website, SHINee came out as the most favourite group from SMTOWN family!
With a total of 2283 votes, SHINee came 1st with 872 votes (38%)

Source/Credit: | Shared: kiana78 @ SHINee Soompi Thread

SHINee to Grace the Cover of Plus Act

7 월 11 일 발매 호외 ♪ 뿌라스아쿠토 vol.2 SHINee가 표지 특집 … (◉◡◉)ლ 지금부터 정말 기대됩니다 o(^▽^)o
SHINee to be on the cover of Plus Act. vol. 2 to be issued on 11 July… Looking forward to it.

Source: twitter; DC Shinee Gallery
credit: jujugal + SFI

110612 SHINee leave for Paris for SMTOWN LIVE in Paris

As promised, TVXQ, SHINee, and f(x) have left together for Paris on June 8th.
The three groups had their pictures taken by the Facebook SMTOWN staff, who uploaded the photos to the SMTOWN Facebook.

“U-Know and MAX from TVXQ! just arrived at the airport and they are now about to leave for Paris! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff].”

“SHINee! Just arrived at the airport!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff].”

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SHINee’s Taemin models ‘KURO Plus’ for “Oh! Boy”

SHINee’s maknae Taemin shook off his baby image for a pictorial with “Oh Boy!” magazine.

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