the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

110425 Onew – UFO Replies

[FAN] Because noona has been very tired lately.. Do you want to give me some lottery numbers? Maybe 6?
[Onew] If I knew I would go and buy them myself

[FAN] I love you too too?
[Onew] Goodnight

[FAN] ⊙.⊙
[Onew] Goodnight

[FAN] I like minced beef soup
[Onew] Goodnight

[FAN] Jonghyun oppa is mine~ You are also mine~
[Onew] Goodnight

[FAN] I’m tired, I’m going to bed first! Oppa sleep soon and become a pretty boy with good skin~ Goodnight
[Onew] Goodnight

[FAN] The best person at gags~ Onew
[Onew] Goodnight

source: baidu
credit: ohatoms + anthonymarie


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