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110103 Onew – Me2Day Update

Original Message:

[온유] 새해 ‘복’은 샤이니와 함께 많이많이 받으셨죠? 오늘 방송되는 「아테나」에 저희도 까메오출연, 보아선배님도 까메오로 출연하시는데, 김민종선배님과 최시원선배님까지~ 완전 SM Special Time! 깨알같은 저희 찾아보시는 재미와 함께 본!방!사!수!!!^^

English Translation:

[Onew] Received lots of “luck” from spending New Years with SHINee? Today we will be appearing as cameos in “Athena”. BoA-sunbae will also be in it. From Kim Jongmin-sunbae to Choi Siwon-sunbae~ totally SM Special Time! Please watch our little appearance with happiness. Must! Watch! Live broadcast!!! ^^


source: SHINee’s Official Me2Day
chinese translation: LING@sm shinee
english translation: vivz@soompi


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