the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

101226 Fanaccount on SHINee’s 1st Concert in Japan

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Intro: breath-taking video

SHINee World: in black outlook; in the part introducing each member, Taemin showed his tough side. The fan says she almost lost her mind watching each member dance.

Senorita: dance, dance, dance. It showed SHINee’s maturity. Jonghyun’s substitue appeared.

Get Down: OMG, help me please. Members getting excited. So do fans.

Amigo: Jonghyun shined here. He flew in wire!!! with spotlight!!!! She was dumbfound watching it.

Love Still Goes On: Minho and Key romped around the stage. All members excited.

Juliette: She says Juliette is “real” (*really good). Fans did the hand motion to the song too. The stage until this song was very dynamic. Red lighting.

Hello: with a video showing SHINee’s shadows, members appear on stage. Dancing. Mic seems not good.

Your Name: Singing on an uplifted stage. Stages moved up and down. The video in the background was pretty. The setting was SHINee within photo frames, which are in the video. The frames change into wings, so it looks like SHInee with wings.

Stand by Me: As members stepping down the stairs from the uplifted stage, Taemin was so cute.

M/V: An animation movie hints Jonghyun’s solo stage. She thought it’d be Minho’s.

Jonghyun solo: starting Wheesung’s “Ma Girl” with DJ-ing. In the middle, a Japanese girl joins him. He finishes his performance and escorts her out.

Minho solo: Sings Usher’s OMG. She says she lived to see this performance. Minho opens up his shirt like 2PM does. The fan made a cry like a cow

Taemin solo: Sings Boy Meets Girl. Alone. With his hair (up in the beginning) back down, wearing Juliette top. Looks like what Minho wore. Baring his back. Everyone seemed enthralled. She felt a fairy was dancing. Even guys said, “Kawaii”

Key solo: featuring f(x) Krystal. Sings Ke$ha’s “My First Kiss” in pink jacket and with a megaphone. She says she jumped to the song. Key’s English was good.

A-yo: Very exciting. Cute choreography and easy to follow.

Talk time: SHINee’s Japanese improved. Esp. Key was getting better. Good accent and vocabulary. Onew made adlib like “yappari” Jonghyun said Sorry.

m/v: Very pretty. An empty feel? OnTae, MinKey moments. Each member talks.

Romantic: Sing sitting on stairs in white. She says she’s thankful to Jonghyun for purifying her ears. It showed Taemin’s improved singing.

Obsession: In the middle, they sing on a moving stage. It was good. She wondered, is this live?

Graze: 5 chairs on the protruding stage. Jonghyun sitting at the center and they danced on the stage turning. Pretty dance.

Onew solo: Popera. She doesn’t know the title but it sounds familiar. It was REALLY REALLY good! She saw someone crying. Goose bumps rising. When it was finished, everyone shouted, “Sugoi”

A Korean folk song: a child comes out rolling a hoop and then rises toward the ceiling. Taemin starts the song. Wearing an angel costume. He really looked like an angel, she felt she was in heaven. Followed by Minho, Key, and Jonghyun. Sings sadly. Onew appears in wings. At the end, he covers the child with his wings.

m/v: zzeonda! So good. She warns to Taemin fans that they’ll have to grab their hearts watching it. And Key!!! Key was best!!!

Noona Is So Pretty: Colorful constume. Key in purple and LOVE written on his t-shirt, which glows in the dark. Taemin in yellow pants that glow in the dark… She regretted eating so much for breakfast. Onew wearking a unique costume like Ultra Man. Minho in striped skinny jean. Jonghyun in blue box t-shirt.

Love Like Oxygen: They looked like oxygen. Taemin and Minho’s legs T.T

Up and Down: Very dynamic.

m/v: SHINee cried. Even Taemin. He cried his heart out.

Quasimodo: They sang it so well. She was satisfied with their singing.

Life: good

m/v: Dark version SHINee and Angelic SHINee

Ring Ding Dong: She liked Taemin’s costume. Too much red lighting. Fans did the cheering chant.

Ready or Not: Minho stood out here. MinKey moments

Lucifer: She felt this is true SHINee song. They flew again shooting laser beams.

Encore – Jojo: Key in pink, Taemin in yellow, Minho in orange, Onew in green, and Jonghyun in blue. Ultra Men. Jonghyun touches Taemin’s hair while preparing for the stage. Fans shouted. Her heart fluttered at his smile.

From Jojo performance, fans started jumping like crazy. They threw balls to fans. Taemin lost his voice.

Bodyguard: Members ran down to the protruding stage. Cute. Free. Very exciting. They turned round with a strange pose like Ultra Men. She says you will realize how light Taemin is.

Talk Time: One song left, thanking fans

One: Onew becomes teary. Moody. Jonghyun cries in the middle. Key also cried. She also cried.

Jonghyun thanks staff and fans. The Chinese substitute comes out. When hyungs are quiet, Taemin acted cute saying “Matta Aymassio” He was cute like a chick. They bowed to fans in all directions.

Source: DC Shinee gallery
Trans: jujugal @ soompi
Credit: Mrs.Minho @ SHINee World Malaysia


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