the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

BruneiShawols’ new updating system

Welcome to BruneiShawols. BruneiShawols has now been over 1 year since the first time our Twitter account is opened.

We bring you unfortunate news on the future of BruneiShawols. I, the owner Zee, have discussed this with most of the other staffs of BruneiShawols that I can reach. We all thought it through and decided, instead of shutting down BruneiShawols throughly, we come to a decision that we will not be giving full updates on SHINee anymore. We apologize for this unfortunate matter.

We will still be updating on news, photos, videos, schedule etc that we feel important. Especially on official updates through Me2Day and Official Facebook. And BruneiShawols will still be giving out download links as usual as one of our specialities – I think. As well as projects, it will still go on as part of BruneiShawols’ activity.

We understand that we have failed to meet our goal as the number one stop for SHINee Worlds in Brunei. Because staffs are mostly students and we could not cope with this anymore. But dont worry, we still have goals to try our very best to bring SHINee to Brunei.

But dont worry, we will still be updating alot through our facebook. Please go to our facebook page and click ‘like’ to catch new updates!

This will take effect from 12th August onwards.

We hope you understand our condition and we hope you can cope with our new system of updating and keep on supporting BruneiShawols. Thank you.

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