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BruneiShawols, the 1st (Mini) Project completed!

Hello everyone! First of all, we would like to wish a Happy New Years 2011 to everyone!

If you remember, last year BruneiShawols organised a project for the SHINee boys to greet them on New Years 2011. Unfortunately, the estimated date sent was unable to be fulfilled and we had to send them in January 2011; AFTER New Years. There were a little problem in finance as well as contacting the participants to send in their money. We really apologize for that matter and we’ve learned our mistake and will try our very best to avoid it in the future.

Good news is, we’ve already sent in the booklet along with the gifts on Sunday, January 9th. It should arrive in Seoul and to SME in one week or so.

Bad news is, alot of the photos taken from one of our camera cannot be transfered to computer therefore couldn’t upload it. But dont worry we’ll try to upload it again. We’re truly sorry about this matter. But what we assure you that this is definitely NOT a scam at all and BruneiShawols did the project for real.

Now, all that is left is for participants who havent paid us within January until March. The earlier, the better. We want to recover the debt we made from borrowing the money (from people) to ship the gifts.

Please contact BruneiShawols either through Twitter ( or through Facebook (, inbox only.
Or you can contact us via our personal Twitters.

We hope you understand us as this is our first time and we will try to do better ones for future project(s). Thank you and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Last but not least, we thank you very much for everyone who have participated in the project. We really appreciate it!

BruneiShawols Project Team


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