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Ori Suta Reporter’s Snippets on SHINee

A series of 5 reports on SHINee to be published from the 6/3 issue!

Who is SHINee’s “angel”?
I’ve been to Korea to interview SHINee who will debut with『Replay -君は僕のeverything-』on 22 June!
When I greeted them “Nice to meet you!”, they all greeted me back in Japanese in a spirited way.
The five of them were like bosom friends during the photoshoot !
They said “Cute”, “Cool~” to each other loudly in Japanese!

The youngest member Taemin was called “Angel” and adored for everything by all the members who said “He’s a real angel.”
As for Minho-goon, Key-goon said, “He’s calm but sometimes goofy.”
Key-goon’s Japanese is really good! He seemed to have studied with Japanese dramas and variety shows. His favorite gag man is Harisenbon!
Jonghyun-goon is a member who knows where to finish during the interview.
It was impressive he got shy when asked to make the most playful face for solo photos~
Onew-goon guided them gently but bounced high-spirited for his solo photos!
Anyway all the members were lively, and the photoshoot and interview was finished in an instant!

SHINee interview will be published in a series of 5 parts from the 6/3 issue.
You will find the charm of SHINee as a group and of each member, so make sure to check it out!

source: here
[Korean Trans by 태민씨@shakizi | English Trans by jujugal]


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