the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

110513 SHINee – KBS WORLD Arab Interview

{UPDATED} with Parts 2, 3 and 4.

Translation for Part 1:

Hi our arabic fans i’m farah and hear comes the moment who you waited for a long time it’s the moment of meeting a 5 harming boys and they are the same with their name ”SHINee” let’s meet them today

Host: hi
SHINee: Assalamualaikum, we are SHINee
Onew: marhaban (hi) i’m Onew
Taemin : marhaban (hi) i’m Taemin
Jonghyun : marhaban (hi) i’m Jonghyun
Minho : marhaban (hi) i’m Minho
Key: marhaban (hi) i’m Key
Host: and marhaban (hi) i’m Farah
SHINee: hiii
Host: Onew shi, SHINee’s popularity crossed korea and asia until Europe
SHINee: thank you
Host: so we find some french fans came for SHINee, and they made a Demonstrations to make more concerts, did u head about the halyoo in the arabic countries
Onew: we didn’t know about that but we saw many arabic fans in our concerts, so we wondred how the halyu (Korean wave) came to the arabic countries
Host: i will ask Taemin shi
Taemin: yeah
Host: How do you feel now when you know that you have many arabic fans
Taemin: it’s a surprise that we have all those arabic fans even that we didn’t visited their countries, so we apriciate their love and support and we want to return that to them and to be better in our job
Host: so now we know how that SHINee are popular in asia, Europe, and the arabic countries, and how you became a stars.. but i’want to know how u meet in the first time so i’will ask Minho
Minho: when we met for the first time we were a students and we were dreaming to become a stars, and we made the casting and we accepted and after that we becaome a band
Host: ok …Taemin shii, when u felt that u became a popular star
(…….to be continued)

source:KBS WORLD Arab
video & translation credit: dali797 | YouTube + iliTicili | YouTube
edited, source find and shared by: zeepark +

*NOTE: Other parts have not been uploaded by the uploader. Will update when it has been uploaded. Thank you.


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