the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

11,000 fans want “SM Town Live in Mexico”

International fans have been thrown into media spotlight with the recent demonstrations by French Kpop fans as they protest for a second SM Town concert in Paris. SM Entertainment made the ground-breaking announcement of holding the first ever Kpop concert in Europe, which will be held at Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th. To the disappointment of some fans, the 6,500 tickets weresold out in 15 minutes and French fans are now organizing animpressive protest for another tour date.

Mexico will now be joining the list of international countries hoping to attract SM Entertainment’s attention for the country’s love of Kpop. The “SM Town Live in Mexico” fan page now has over 11,000 likes on Facebook and even the local media has taken note of the Korean Wave in Mexico, as Big Bang was given a 90 second spotlight and other popular groups Korean groups were recently documented on a local show named, “Venga la Alegria”.



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