the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

JongKey mentioned in f(x)’s interview

SHINee Jonghyun: Krystal’s BBM (Blackberry Messenger) mate. A relationship like brother & sister. What’s interesting is they buy each other’s CDs. Krystal boasted, “Jonghyun oppa bought 10 Nu ABO CDs. So I told him to buy our new album too.” And she added shyly, “I also bought Lucifer CDs. That’s what’s proper.”

SHINee Key: Amber’s bubble tea friend. Soon after Amber came to Korea, she went to have bubble tea with SM family people. Key, a trainee at that time, promised to buy bubble tea later. But he hasn’t yet. Amber said, “There was a chance, but oppa couldn’t because of a sudden schedule. We both are interested in fashion and paintings and our dance styles are similar, so we often practice together and talk about music.”

[from Sports Chosun]

cr&trans: jujugal


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