the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

Messages to Key at the exhibition’s Guestbook

Jjong’s message 
Posted Image

This bastard (in teasing way)*, you really do everything after you grow up…
Not bad, tearing…keke
Anyway, a whole load of beautiful (artwork?)…
You have to become more beautiful …m?
Nah, what I mean is that …keep developing…
You bastard (in teasing way)*, fighting!”

Jonghyun ke

*PS: “bastard”~ i believe jjong was just teasing key by using that… haha 

Key’s Mom Message 
Posted Image

“My precious son is the best ^^
I believe your hidden potential is still infinity
Hope you won’t stop at one place
And continue to find new aims and challenges
Become a cool Artist who strive for changes~”


Key’s Auntie’s Message
“Bong bong ah, your air(?) is already in your drawings.
Lemon-like bong bong please continue to live well.” 

T/N: I think “Lemon-like” means fresh

source: DC SHINee Gallery | English Translation: vivz | Soompi

Onew’s message posted here.


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