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110408 Jonghyun – IPLE Message

[From. Jong Hyun] 블링블링 종현입니다~!

안녕하세요 블링블링 종현입니다
생일 축하해 줘서 너무 고마워요 ^^
작년도 제 작년도 축하 받았지만 매번 새롭네요 ㅎ
오래됐네 우리 만난 지..ㅎ
앞으로도 즐겁게 만나자구 ^^

English Translation:

[From. Jong Hyun] This is bling bling Jonghyun~!

Hello, this is bling-bling Jonghyun
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes^^
I’ve received birthday wishes last year, and even the year before that, but they feel different every year
It’s been a while since we met.. hee
Let’s continue to meet from here on out ^^


source: SHINee’s Official Site
English Translation: Allkpop
credit: BruneiShawols


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