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SM Town Live in Tokyo Special Edition concert postponed

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Due to the huge success of the SM Town Live in Tokyo concert back in January,  the agency has decided to have another round of concerts for April 9th  and 10th in Japan. However, SM Entertainment has announced that the  concert will be postponed.

SM Entertainment said through their Japanese website on March 23rd, “SM  artists join concert ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION’ was planned  on April 9th and 10th at Tokyo Dome, however, because of the recent  earthquake, there was a lot of damage. The power, equipment, and  supplies were all damaged. Because of this, the concert will be  postponed.” In addition to the equipment, the agency agreed that it  would most likely not be a good time for a concert as it would be hard  to enjoy during the hard time.

The announcement on the site goes on to say that once an alternate date  has been chosen, it will be announced through their Japan website and  mobile site. The posts ends with wishes that areas of Japan affected by  the earthquake and tsunami recover soon.

Source: Newsen and SMTown Japan
Credit: Koreaboo


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