the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

110322 Key – Star Call

credit: NhiAngela | YouTube

Hello Everybody!
It’s SHINee’s Almighty Key!
Yes everyone~~~
Now~ Mm…the weather really changes everyday!
Now, its gradually becoming warmer like today’s weather!
My favourite kind of weather!! Everyone
Oh…because.. (I) can go out and play…and can wear a lot of nice clothes
Everyone will have their favourite season right?
In between winter and summer! Not cold and not hot
If the flowers are blossomed, I can go play with the other members
Everyone must stay together! Before this is over, hope I can play with everyone!
Lets go together?
Yes lets go together..
Even though don’t know when we’ll go

No matter what, the weather will become dry as it changes, please take care everyone
Hope everyone will plan some interesting events to welcome the spring time ‘ ㅂ ‘*

Now, my greetings until here


chinese trans: LING@sm shinee
eng trans: vivi.oncifer@youtube

he looks soooooo skinny T_T


One response to “110322 Key – Star Call

  1. suju for ever March 25, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    opppppppppa i love you ,,,,, you so hot and sexy

    you are the good man in the bad room pleas kiss me so sexy youare

    opppa like sexy that > ah ah ah ah oh oh oh

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