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110301 Gyuri faces competition from “Goddess” Taemin?

KARA’s leader Gyuri is known as a  ”goddess” to her fans, but her hold on the ‘goddess’ title might face some competition from SHINee’s Taemin!

Taemin appeared on Super Junior’s “Kiss the Radio“ on February 27th, and ever since then, fangirls have been gushing nonstop over the charms of SHINee’s youngest member.  Oddly enough, most of the monikers bestowed onto Taemin were feminine, such as “Goldilocks” (yes, the girl from that fairy tale).

One netizen commented, “Minho is a god, but Taemin is a goddess.”

Judging from the pictures below, we can see why fans have been raving over Taemin’s beauty!

SourceHankyung News | Credit: Allkpop


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