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110228 Onew – Me2Day Update

Original Message:

[온유] 안녕하세요~온유입니다! 오랜만에 오늘은 다름이아니구요~^^ 절~너~무 좋아하시는 한 커플이~?^^ 으하하~ 2세를 가지게 되셨다고해요~ 여러분도 누구나 항상 사랑하는 것 잊지마시구요~! 축복합시다~! 우오오오오오오오오오!!!!!!!! 우오오오오오오오오오!!

English Translation:

[Onew] Hello~ It’s Onew! Its been a long time. Today, nothing but~^^ A couple who like me so much~? ^^ woohaha~ she’s just noticed she was pregnant~ Don’t forget always to love all~! Let’s bless them~! wooohohohohohohohohohoh!!!!! wooohohohohohohohohoh!!!!!


source: SHINee’s Me2Day
translation credit: april
credit: vivz


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