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BruneiShawols on Semi-Hiatus

Hello our wonderful readers and viewers, as the title, BruneiShawols will be going on Semi-hiatus for a while. It will be starting from today (21st February 2011) until 25th March* 2011 (more or less, *due to change). We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Since our owners and staffs are mostly students and its almost the 1st Monthly Assessment for students this time round, so we are going on Semi-hiatus. We will update whenever we can but not much. We will only update a little or not updating anything at all.

We deeply apologize for this matter and for any inconvenience cause. BruneiShawols will be on semi-hiatus on our blog, as well as our Twitter,  Tumblr,  Formspring,  Facebook and even email contact. Thank you taking time to read.

sincerely, the BruneiShawols Staffs

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