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110217 Onew – mentioned on Jun Hyunmoo’s Twitter

Original Message:

단연 온유죠^^ 딱밤도 진작에 감사히 맞아봤고 줄리엣 링딩동 루시퍼에 이르기까지 제 저질몸짓에 짜증한번 안내고 안무를 가장 정성껏 알려줬어요^^ RT @eunicesemi: @larryjunlive 샤이니에서 가장 좋아하는 멤버가 있나요?

English Translation:

Which member from SHINee do you like most?
A: “It’s definitely Onew. I’ve experienced his ttakbam (thankfully) earlier and he was the one who heartily taught me Juliette, RDD and Lucifer dancing without getting any annoyance from my clumsy body moves ^^”

sourceJun Hyunmoo’s twitter
credit, english trans: april via vivz


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