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BruneiShawols’ 1st Year Anniversary!

Hello BruneiShawols viewers, visitors and staffs from wherever you are! We welcome you to BruneiShawols, a blog made and controlled by Bruneian SHINee Worlds dedicated to SHINee and all of you!

As the title, today, is BruneiShawols’ 1st Year Anniversary! YAAAAY! We are now 1 year old.

As new owners of BruneiShawols, we thank you all for your love towards BruneiShawols all this time – although we have not been with you since the start. Thank you so much! We wouldnt have gone this far without all your love!

We also want to thank founders Keely and Neelie for starting BruneiShawols. Without the founders, BruneiShawols wont even exist.

Also to all the current staffs and ex-staffs. Thank you so much! Especially to the ones who contributed the most for BruneiShawols.

Not to forget, also everyone who keeps on visiting BruneiShawols. Who is patient with us while we’re on hiatus, who greeted us through Twitter or Facebook and EVERYONE for your support on BruneiShawols. Thank you so much!

But we are sorry that we did not prepare anything special, for now. But we will try to do so.

Once again, thank you all. Keep on supporting BruneiShawols! Fighting!


2 responses to “BruneiShawols’ 1st Year Anniversary!

  1. cherry sshi February 27, 2011 at 6:06 PM

    how to register? Then are bruneishawol sometimes gather..

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