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Regarding BruneiShawols’ Current Banner

The current banner you see up there (and below here) is actually my mistake for putting it up without proper credits.

Last time, when I edited it for to make a banner, I didn’t realize that it was edited. And then, I found the original photo here:

(credits to WeaReShining) In which the original photo is way blur than the edited version; which then I knew it was edited. I tried to find the editor but I dont know where to search. Just now, thanks to viewer “Ashley” for responding and informing on the banner.

I, in no way, ever at all claimed that the photo is mine and I never said that it was my edit. I basically just edit the banner and not the photo itself.

I am also very sorry for the inconvenience caused and hope that you all can understand. This was just a mistake of mine and all credits of the awesome photo edit goes to Jenny @ And I didnt intend to do this and I feel really bad about it.

I didnt mean to leave a bad impression of BruneiShawols and I will learn for this mistake and be more careful in order not to repeat this mistake in the future. Once again, I deeply apologize for the mistake.


I edited the banner and put credits in:

UPDATE (110126):

I went over to the owner’s Tumblr and discussed this matter with her. Thankfully, she accepted my apologies and is being really nice about it. Thank you.

Here is what she responded to me:

Anyways, it’s okay I see that you’re like sincerely sorry about it, and it’s okay~

My watermark is on the fire hydrant:


& here’s my post:

You don’t have to change the banner, just leave me credit for the edited picture, since it was really annoying and time consuming to clean up because the original picture was bad quality and had all these scan patterns everywhere, plus I re-edited the colors and deleted the other photos overlapping the original.


And it’s okay, thank you for apologizing and being so nice about it~


If you want to use my edits for your banners I’m okay with that, but just leave me credit for the edit~

click here for proof.

(P/S: I didn’t realize there was a watermark. Sorry about that, it blended in with the colour, thats why.)

Everything is cleared up now. Thank you so much to Jenny. I’ve changed the banner and inserted in credits there. And thank you to everyone who helped me out and cheered me up. ❤


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