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Onew, “We’ll Show Fresh Images True To The Definition Of Group”

[This is the 2nd part of Onew’s interview, “Korean Gayos that embrace my heart,” on Naver’s Musician’s Choice 101220]

Recently when a debate on “5 second singers” heated the Internet, its targets were idol groups with lots of members. “I think one can be called a singer proper if he can express himself well even when singing only for a few seconds,” said Onew. “There are singers who are very good even when singing for a few seconds. Brown-Eyed Soul express everything within the limits of their self-expressive ability. I think the question is not the length, but the expressive ability.”

It is a separate question whether SHINee are included in the targeted objects of the debate. What is certain is that SHINee have “changed.” “The concept of main vocal has disappeared in our group. Everyone is a main vocal if he can sing best in his vocal area. In addition, we discuss and adjust our ideas and thoughts  when we record an album or perform for a concert. We are doing music in a way true to the definition of group.”

Onew says he wants to try something new to the extent many people will evaluate it as “fresh.” He looked quite serious while saying it. The language of an idol, who went through the passage rite of growth pain, was different.

Trans by jujugal | Source: Naver Musician’s Choice



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