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110107 Minho – Me2Day Update


Original Message:

[민호] 여러분~ 우리 동방신기형들 첫방송 보셨어요? 진짜 감동적이었는데… 언제나 항상 노력하는 모습의동방신기 윤호형~ 창민이형! 정말 다시봐도 멋있고 너무 대단하신 것 같아요. 형들처럼 저도 더욱 더 노력하고 열심히할테니 지켜봐주시고, 우리 같이 응원해요!^^

English Translation:

[Minho] Hi all~ Did you watch the first performance of our TVXQ hyungs? It was really moving… TVXQ Yunho hyung~ Changmin hyung who always try to do their best! They look so cool and great on their comeback. Please keep watching me as I’ll put more efforts and work harder like hyungs. Let’s cheer for them together!^^


source: SHINee’s Official Me2Day
credit: jujugal


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