the first SHINee fanbase in Brunei

SHINee – TVXQ’s “Thanks To” in ‘Keep Your Head Down’ Album

Yunho: 친동생들과 다름 없는 빛나는 그룹 샤이니
– SHINee, a shining group like my real brothers

Changmin: 우주미남이진기^^ 낚시왕 김종현^^키기범 줄여서서 키범, 중동 석유 재벌집아들처럼 부티가 철철 흐르는 소두 최민호^^, 모든걸 다 가진 남자 왕자 태민이
– Universal Beauty Lee Jinki^^, King of Fishing Kim Jonghyun^^, Key Kibeom shortened Keybeom, Small Head Choi Minho with the air of a rich guy like a son of a Middle Eastern oil baron^^, Prince Taeminie who has everything


translation credit: jujugal


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